Radiographic testing (RT)

Radiography is a volumetric examination that makes it possible to obtain images of the content of a solid by impressing a sensitive element (film, screen, etc.) with ionising radiation such as X-rays or γ-rays.

This technique of investigation is used in the control of welds, castings, printed products, forged products, plastic materials, composites, components of civil construction, etc..

At our headquarters we can handle products up to 10 tons and we are also able to offer the service of taking and returning the particular subject to control, with minimisation of lead time.

X-ray equipment:

Seifert Eresco 42 MF4 200 kV

Seifert Eresco 300MF4-R 300kV

Seifert Eresco 52 MF4-CL 300kV

Seifert Isovolt 450 titan E 450kV

γ-ray equipment:

Iridium 192


Development equipment:

No. 02 Ge M-ECO automatic developing machines

Our staff is at your disposal for any information you may need

RT Heat exchanger

RT Automotive

RT Film digitisation

RT Fast delivery

RT High Thickness Nozzle

RT Pup body radiography

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