Material characterisation

Chemical composition of a material, mechanical properties and technological properties of a material are fundamental elements to understand the behaviour of a metallic material.

NDTPlus, through a team of qualified technicians and advanced instrumentation, is able to offer the service of chemical analysis with Optical emission technique (OES) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF), determination of the percentage of delta ferrite, measurement of the penetration capacity with UCI technique (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) and electrical resistivity, measurement of the residual electromagnetic field, determination of surface roughness and measurement of the thickness of coatings.

All tests can be conducted in the field thanks to the high portability of the instrumentation used.


PMI - XRF Niton XL-2 gold

Quantrometer OES Spectrotest TCX-2

OES Sciaps Z200+

MF 30 Fischer Ferritoscope

MIC 10 Portable hardness tester

ESATEST -HANDY SC Portable hardness tester

Digital Gaussmeter

Fischer DUALSCOPE FMP20 Coating Gauge

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Positive material inspection

Roughness measurement

Delta ferrite testing

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